Vroom Pedal Go-Karts at The Big Red Barn

Welcome to Vroom Pedal Go-Karts


Vroom Pedal Go-Karts is an exciting new addition to the activities offered at The Big Red Barn. Situated just behind the Pirate Ship, we have two brand new tracks specifically built for pedal go-karts. We cater for toddlers and small children from the ages of two to five on our toddler-friendly track while the more adventurous kids between the ages of 5 to 99 can race around our Grand Prix style track in rugged, built for off-road, pedal go-karts.


Vroom Pedal Go-Karts

In keeping with the charm of The Big Red Barnand its ethos of healthy, fun-filled activities, our pedal go-karts offer a unique way of burning off some of that excess energy or getting that adrenaline rush drifting around a tight turn.


We offer various rental packages ranging from a quick spin around the track to multiple ride packages. This is an ideal activity to add to your kiddies’ party at The Big Red Barn.


We can also put together special packages for schools, groups or corporates wanting to let off a bit of steam at a team-building event. (Our karts can carry drivers of all sizes. Grandpas weighing a hundred and plenty have been seen scooting around in them)


The Big Red Barn is a CASH FREE ZONE. We encourage payment with Debit Card, Credit Card or SnapScan


Email: info@myvroom.co.za

Contact number: 082 681 3716

Website: http://www.myvroom.co.za



Closed Mondays

Wednesday to Sunday: 08h00 – 16h30