About the Barn – Our Story

About-SunLawnsLogo-web‘Sunlawns’ farm has been in the Cullinan family since 1906 when it was originally purchased by Sir Thomas Cullinan, founder of the Premier mine in Cullinan where the world’s largest diamond was discovered.

‘The Big Red Barn’ was the brainchild of the late Pamela Cullinan. Pamela’s dream was brought to life by her and her five children.

Pamela and Dominic ( son #1) salvaged a huge old hay barn.  A firm of architects was commissioned to create a design which is modern and yet retained the integrity of the century old barn. Importantly the family wanted the building to express a sense of spaciousness;  they wanted visitors to feel a belonging to the existing natural surroundings and enjoy the expansive views on the property.


Sean ( son #2) endured the family peanut gallery, whilst he turned the vision into reality and oversaw the reconstruction of the massive steel structure. He now project manages the family development projects.

Victoria (daughter #1 & only), shopped till she dropped, scouring second hand furniture shops in Johannesburg and Pretoria for the vintage furnishings and is now the managing director of the Big Red Barn.

Dominic, a keen mountain biker,  created and built all the trails which he now manages and is often to be found enjoying early morning breakfasts after a frisky cycle.

Dominic, Sean and Victoria work together in spearheading the development of new activities at the Barn.

Benedict (son #5), an attorney, advises on legal matters and Adam (son #4), a chiropractor helped sort out stressed family necks and backs before he moved to the Netherlands.

The stunning building was completed in 2012 and was an instant success, attracting visitors to the restaurant as well as the activities that multiplied around the iconic building over the years. Even though it has grown to become a precinct with many different attractions and activities with a huge focus on the outdoors, it always known as the Big Red Barn farm venue.



For more information on the farm and the barn contact  functions@thebigredbarn.co.za